Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekend Report

9-16-12 busy brain
I found out the problem with my blog has to do with my allotted space for pictures is almost full. I've only spend a short amount of time trying to delete some pictures to free up more space..... but it also seems like a good reason to take a break from blogging, since September is a busy work month- and I don't miss the pressure of daily blogging.

This weekend was such a perfect few days of gorgeous weather here in Iowa, which made the Beaverdale Fall Festival even more enjoyable this year.

The parade was fun and I even talked Ann into walking with our church's entry "All under God's Umbrella".

Prior to this, Ann wanted Greg to snap this picture of her and I. Politics is heating up-but Ann and I are trying to keep civil and respective of each other. I hope others can take our lead. Ann even surprised me by complimenting Hilary Clinton's work in the Middle East mess. Ann is open minded enough to appreciate a smart, strong women.  (Ann would probably say that is one of my back handed compliments that I am so good at giving her.... innocently-  really!)

Today at Church the Art Show on Forgiveness opens with a reception this afternoon. This morning I was part of an artist discussion of our work which was fun to share our thoughts and inspiration with interested members of church. My part of the talk went well.

This is  my piece for this show: It is about 2.5 feet by 5.5 feet.

“50 Shades of Grace: Peace Enters a Forgiving Heart”
By Judy Sebern Beachy

The human view of the world is black and white- either something is good or evil; respectable or vile; worthy or useless. We have the cowboys wearing white hats or the villain dressed in black. This human view makes it hard for us to understand the unconditional forgiveness of God which is demonstrated to us in the parable of the Prodigal Son.  God’s view of his children brings our black and white mentality together, mixing and creating shades of GRAY. This is where forgiveness, BOLD GRACE and peace exist.

Judy views her life as “split in two” as she seeks that ever elusive tight-rope balance. By day Judy works full-time as a data collector in cancer research for the University of Iowa. By night she nurtures her creative side with art. Although interested in drawing as a child, Judy became serious about art 15 years ago while taking her first watercolor class. There she met local artist, Mary Muller, which lead to a series of classes in drawing, charcoal, and pastels at the Mary Muller Studios.

Judy’s favorite subject to paint is nature, especially flowers and landscapes. Over the last few years Judy has become engrossed with abstract art using acrylic paint on paper, cut into 1 inch square pixels.