Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy New Year

1-12-13 resolution brain

Just stopping by to say HI! Things are well here in Iowa/Kansas, and I have been in a whole frame of mind lately.... not feeling split in two at all.

As the new year begins I am planning new activities for 2013 and a few resolutions. Unfortunately one resolutions will not be to blog on a daily basis. I'm finding that "chapter" is winding down for now. Currently I am getting fired up to work more on my art.... and to stay healthy. But I will stop by to post from time to time.

One new resolution this year, is to try to walk at lunchtime everyday- to get me away from my work desk. In Des Moines I have wonderful new neighbors, Geri and Lora. Geri is newly retired from teaching and she is interested in walking also. Together this week, we have walked 3 times.... it helped that temperatures were mild this week. All our 13 inches of snow have melted now too.

Wishing all a PEACEFUL new year!