Thursday, May 31, 2012

End of May

5-31-12 confused brain
I can't even keep track of what day of the week it is- probably due to holiday on Monday, but I see that this is the last day of May. May has been a fun month, but I guess I'm ready for June, although it is starting out a bit cool weather wise.

Yesterday morning, I woke to a surprise in the yard..... My front garden was full of beavers! Cute, friendly beavers!  Living in Beaverdale neighborhood of Des Moines, I really wasn't surprised by seeing beavers.... but I was surprised  seeing that so many of these guys had been placed in my yard.

It turned out to be a fund raiser for the Beaverdale Fall Festival. My neighbor Sue made a donation and then got to pick where there beavers would visit. Now I too am choosing to make a donation, and will select a visiting house in the area..... who will be blessed by beavers next?

 (I wonder if I could copy this idea and have multiple peace signs put in people's yard ??... that could be kind of cool! )

Tuesday night I got to visit with my art teacher Mary, whom I haven't seen in about two years. Oh how I miss her and just our brief visit together was so inspiring to me. Mary is the type of older women I hope to evolve into someday. Busy, active and young in spirit.... well into her 70's. If I only had the time to take another class from her..... ??

Well, at this point I just can't add one more thing into my schedule. Retirement is sounding good to me again now- yet this week I have been very productive at work.... and valuable too.

Guess I'm still split between living this crazy life awhile longer.

Also Wednesday night I had an hour long phone conversation from my old roommate LuAnn, who now is living happily in Texas with her 3rd husband. Her life has turned around 180 degrees and she is inspiring to me as well.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday GUEST Blog

5-30-12 summer brain
Ann gives us a report on her holiday vacation ~ Judy

Memorial Day Weekend - StayCation

Shout-out to all my fellow Veterans, this is your/our day to reflect on our military service. I was watching Flags of my Father and thought of Marine Dude John, the men that took the hill of Iwo Jima and my Dad.  Now that is pure bravery. Me, I’ve never regretted my service in the USAF, circa 1978.

So what to do on a three-day weekend. On Friday I went to a ribbon cutting of a Cholatarie Stam’s patio (a local chocolate shop). I heard there was going to be food and music so I got my friend Robin to go with me. The food/chocolates were de-lish but the singing trio, well not going to say anything negative, but they could of used a bit sprucing up. They sung Irish bar songs, who knew, and my request of the Procalimers  “I’m going to be 500 miles”. Okay, I had a good time and seeing the 90 y/o retired pharmacist clapping was very sweet. Can’t imagine my Dad doing that, but maybe he would of. Did I say we had chocolates, yummy for sure.

On Saturday, I stopped to see my friend Kem at a graduation party for her daughter. Well, she was surprised, it’s only been 22 years. My surprise put a smile on her face and to boot, I ran into Clyde n’ Vivian. Small world, they live next to Kem. How funny. Oh yea, I did do some junking, a few treasures. 

On Sunday, I met up with Sue, Andy, Greg n’ Judy at the Junction, Valley Junction to see Bonne Finken. She was just in KC and I almost went down to see her. Glad I read the Datebook.

On Monday I grilled, had Sue and Andy over for burgers n’ such. And after they left, I went down to Dad’s flower garden. You know, not a day goes by without me thinking of Dad, so with no grave to go, I spruced up his  garden and added a special flower made of colorful glassware. I’ll write more about this art later. Boy, do I love cobalt blue or what! 

Before I get all misty-eyed, gotta run, clean the house and get ready for work.
Chat Later,

That Girl, Ann Marie

Monday, May 28, 2012

This and that

5-28-12 split brain
Part of me wanted to "be productive" and part of me wanted to "relax". Well, I had a hard time being good at either of those today.  I started a to-do-list today, one thing on the list was to blog, but I got busy with a new pixel art project instead., so this will be brief.

At least I was able to have a relaxing morning with Greg still in town, then once he left I was pouncing from this and that.... got some laundry done, a few errands done, one out of 10 bags of mulch down, a few weeds pulled out of many still in the garden..... a short visit with a neighbor, a short rest break on the hammock, and a cake baked for the neighbor boy who is had an eye injury this weekend.

I'm so unfocused these days.... it is a wonder I can get anything done. I did clean the sun room and then proceeded to mess it up again with my pixel cutting....

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday GUEST Blog

5-23-12 reporting brain
Here is Ann's side of her story.....  I did feel bad for her, glad at least the concert was a great. Now Ann wants to go to KC to hear Bonne sing this weekend. Greg and & I won't be there, so I guess Molly will have to be on Ann's speed dial.... just in case. ~Judy

May Surprises $100 dollars worth of FUN
Should I go …. Or should I stay home …. On a Friday night? I waxed and waned all week about going to a CD-Release concert for a great local singer “Bonne Finken”. She was releasing her third album with a good size show, backing her up was her five-piece band and Kees Dance Studio (pole dancers). 

So off I went at 8 pm, arriving at 8:30 to find street parking in front of the venue (aka porn star parking). Really, I said that to myself and trotted up stairs, paid my $15 and got a drink …… lemonade that is.  The show started at 9 pm and to say it was “fantastic” is an understatement. Bonne sang a few tunes from her CD, a few old tunes, and a few covers. 

The dancers performed for Adele’s “Fire in the Rain” and “Addicted to Love”. Let me say, they were HOT, talented, muscular and a treat for a girl that does not go bar hopping. The last song was a number with other dancers in their “booty shorts, fishnet stockings and black boots”. WOWSER … just WOWSER. 

I was going to stay for the next band at 11, that’s when I gazed out the loft window and to my surprise MY JEEP WAS GONE. In fact all 10 cars that was parked at 8:30 was gone. OMG, what happened, was I dreaming where I parked? I ran down and found an officer who told me “after 9 pm, this is a no-parking zone and a tow zone.” My Jeep and others were towed. Seriously, the one night that I go out, I get towed? Well how to get it, the joke was on me. The paperwork from the PD would open up at 7 am. So that’s where Judy comes in, glad she was home for the lift and the couch.  My $15 concert night turned out to be $100 in tow and fines. Happy Saturday to ME.

After I got home, I read over the paperwork and saw that I was ticketed at 9:01 and towed at 9:10. What a racket, the PD is well aware of the “easy ticket/tow” block and man, they are right on it. And why 9 pm to 6 am? It’s a bus pick-up/drop off … and not just any bus, the PARTY BUSES for gosh sakes.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More thoughts....

5-22-12 wondering brain

The link to my Peace Art TV interview which aired Sunday is now on the KCCI website, so you can take a peek of me explaining my art.

It was weird seeing myself on TV. I felt I did talk OK,which surprised me.... but to me my face looks like I’ve aged a lot over the last few years. Well, I guess it happens once you get beyond 50! I often fear that I am dressing too young for my age. I saw an example of this yesterday and it freaked me out a bit.

I was picking up new sunglasses (groovy, but with bifocals)….. 

...... as I walked out into the parking lot a older black guy was passing by and said “How you doing Babe?”….. I said “Great!” and flashed him a smile and peace sign and proceeded to my car.

The weird thing was this guy had grey facial hair and was no spring chicken himself, but he was dressed like a teenager..... Ball cap, low jeans, and sports jersey. I mean he looked OK wearing this since he was slim…. But wasn’t really that attractive due to age.

Now I’m second guessing some of the sundresses I wear in the summer. Just because I can, since I’m slim….. probably doesn’t mean I should-  however I really don’t know what else to wear. At least I’ve given up the short shorts and a two-piece swim suit.

Back to the story of shopping with Ann on Saturday morning at the Salvation Army: 
As I was checking out with the record albums I was buying…. I saw this by the front counter and said- “what is THAT thing?”

Since it was only $4, I decided this is something Ann and I should be using, especially Ann- since she is suppose to strengthen her leg muscles to help her knees. Ann said she would have bought it for $2, but $4 was just too much. So now when Ann comes over to watch TV…. I’ll make her use it. Actually it is kind of fun, like riding a horse.

Speaking of TV: this is a busy TV week due to finales on DWTS and Idol which will be keeping me very busy this week. I look forward to watching only ONE TV show over the summer and spending more time outside in the evenings after this week is over. Last night Sue, Carolyn and Ann came over to watch Dancing With the Stars. Tonight we will be cheering for Philp Philps! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Report

5-21-12 relaxed brain

This is a long story which is hard to make short, so bare with me. This weekend Greg and I planned to try something different, rather than be either in KC or Des Moines. Due to a planned Mini Cooper lunch meet-up and drive in Bethany MO between the KC Mini club and the DM Mini club, Greg and I would attend and then spend the night in a B&B in southern Iowa.

Now finally realizing that I don’t need to agree wtih everything which Greg suggests for our weekends, I spoke up and said I’d just join up with the group “after the drive” mid afternoon on Saturday. That way I could have Friday night to work in my garden, and then sleep in Saturday morning and not have to rush to get to Bethany.

Well, Friday evening went as planned, I did get some bushes trimmed, weeds pulled, and back yard mowed. I usually would be asleep by 10:00 after all that physical work, but I was up later reading when the phone rang at 11:15 PM….. who could be calling at that hour?

It was my friend Ann and I thought she was telling me that her car was stolen while she was downtown attending a concert….. she needed a ride?? What?  OK- it wasn’t stolen, but had been towed, since it was parked in a spot which needed to be vacated by 9:00 PM.  Ann was able to get a ride to my house by another friend at the concert, so she spent the night and then I ended up getting up by 7:00 AM to take her down to the Police Station to pay the fine, then we had to go to pick up her car in another part of town.  This all turned into quit an expensive night out for Ann. $60 to get her car out of auto-jail. She bought me breakfast too.

While we where downtown, we made a side trip into the Salvation Army which is a block from the Police Station. Ann loves to treasure hunt here, among other places. ….. more on this story tangent tomorrow.

So after I was able to do a few more errands Saturday morning, I headed down after lunch to meet up with the Mini Cooper people in southern Iowa. They had 14 cars join the drive and found some hilling roads to cruse on. We hung out awhile at a coffee/ice cream shop, mid afternoon in Lamoni. Then Greg and I headed a bit east to the “The Six Toed Cat” B&B, in the small town of Allerton, Iowa

Sunday morning Greg and I went hiking in the Bob White State Park which was a few miles from the B&B, and we hoped we didn’t pick up any ticks! It was windy, but nice.

We explored the small town of Corydon and then parted ways about 1:00 PM.

I have to admit it was a very relaxing weekend. I enjoyed my drive north back to DM and resisted the urge to get back on the Interstate to speed home…. and instead took the back roads home. I found this interesting looking barn. It was like three barns in one.

Friday, May 18, 2012

More ART

5-18-12 artist's brain

Continued from Monday…..

My other ART experience last week which touched my spirit, was both energizing and exhausting at the same time. My friends Bill and Beth asked me to help with their son’s 1st grade class called “Talking Canvas”. Our topic was artist Jackson Pollack.

Bill constructed four large canvases, so there were 6 kids per canvas. I spoke a minute about product verses process and stressed that the point was just to enjoy playing with the paint and not worry how the painting turns out. Bill gave a little information about Jackson Pollack and told of an exhibit currently at the DM Art Center.

The kids did have fun and I kept busy filling the paint cups and didn’t really get to watch much of the kids in action.

Bill said I was a natural with the kids and should consider working with Art and Kids in the future.

This is the only picture of Me.... head cut off.... working at the paint station filling cups of paint.

 One of my favorite pieces.... but they really all looked similar! A bit messy but colorful and beautiful!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday GUEST blog

5-16-12 mid-week brain
I had a nice treat this week, Greg was in Des Moines Monday and Tuesday nights this week- now he is on his way back to KC via Lincoln NE. Boy, that guy looks to travel, as you will hear about this summer on his planned cross country trip. Tonight, Ann and I will be watching American Idol together. We are both faves of Philip Philips! ~Judy

Which Came First …… The Chicken or the Egg?
So what is the answer to the age old question, one that I’m sure we have all asked or asked similar version of? Last week while watching Jurassic Park, I thought about the premise of “creating dinosaurs cloned from the DNA extracted from insects preserved in prehistoric amber”. Ponder this, did the chicken come before the egg here?

Back to the chicken, from time to time I think about the good old days and while there was only a few, I do find a couple to chuckle over. Like the time we were in the station wagon going to Ocean City and I fell out of the car as we were making a turn (if my memory correct it was on Viers Mill to University Ave) in Wheaton, MD. Okay, not really funny at the time, but it is now.

Then the time we were playing in the house and broke mom’s chicken candy dish. I’m think we were passing a ball around and the broke either the top or the bottom of the candy dish. We had to replace it pronto, so we pooled our money and brother Tony found another one (top or bottom). But when he brought it home, it was smaller than the bottom dish. Can’t recall how we told mom, I’m sure she noticed it first and I can count on me getting a whooping.

Well, after reminiscing about this story last month, I found the exact  chicken/hen candy dish at the Salvation Army. There it was, sitting on the shelf calling my name and for .99 cents, it was mines. When I checked out, the manager said “do you know what you have there”? Well not really, then he told me it’s milk glass and it’s worth about $40. He took it and chewed out his staff for marking it too low. He said I had a “great find” and here I was, buying it as a gag gift. Now I’m keeping it, okay for a while. Here’s a pic of the beauty:

Milk glass, never heard of that term and I bet if I look around my house, I may have a few more pieces. The web, so much information re: milk glass.

Milk glass originated in Venice in the 16th century. However, back then milk glass came in all different colours including yellow, brown, black, pink and blue. All of these colours still project a ‘milky’ color as the tone is thick and coated. Some of these colours still exist in milk glass, especially blue, but the opaque color remains the most popular.

Although milk glass came from the 1500’s, the term ‘milk glass’ did not actually come into play until relatively recently. During the 19th century glass makers referred to milk glass as ‘opaque glass’ and was still considered a luxury item and a great collectible. ……. Milk glass became popular during the end of the 19th century in France. Often considered a product of the ‘fin de siecle’, the milk glass goes hand in hand with French cultural awareness and symbolises that paved the way for modernism and expressionism.

During the early 20th century, also known as the American Gilded Age, milk glass was synonymous with the cultural prosperity of the wealthy American culture. Milk glass made in the Gilded Age still remains some of the best ever made. It is known for the delicacy and elegance and were often seen on dressers and shelf tops in upper-class American homes.

However, during the 1930’s, milk glass made during the Depression was considered less elegant and delicate and more a production of the harsh times. Because of this, milk glass made during the 1930’s and 1940’s is often considered of lesser quality.

These days, milk glass still remains a popular collectible for around the home. Although it is not as expensive as porcelain, it makes a beautiful alternative for all sorts of decorations and decor items. These include cups, dishes, plates, vases, figurines, boxes, perfume bottles, glass holders, lanterns and much more. Milk glass can also be used for entire pieces such as dresser sets or salt and pepper shakers. Milk glass also makes its way into themed occasions with some Christmas bulbs and Christmas decorations made from milk glass as well. Milk glass is now manufactured by several prestigious glass companies including Atterbury Glass Company, Fenton Glass Company and Fostoria Glass Company. Other retail and specialty stores that carry milk glass figurines and other accessories include Hobbs, Brockunier and Co, Imperial Glass Company, Jeannette Glass Company and Kanawha Glass Co. 

Collectors banded together, formed a club with an annual convention. In 2006, Des Moines hosted The National Milk Glass Convention. Yee Haw, gotta run!

Chat Later,
That Girl, Ann Marie

Monday, May 14, 2012

In Transition

5-14-12 worn out brain

 My energy is inconsistent these days…. Swinging high and low…. So I was thankful for a fairly relaxed weekend in KC with Greg. I savored the time just hanging out and even taking a few naps. We had lunch with Molly on Saturday and on Sunday afternoon Greg took me to see “The Jersey Boys”…. Which I enjoyed very much, since this was the story and music of the Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.

Driving back to Des Moines Sunday evening gave me the chance to reflect on some significant experiences I had last week.

Last week I had the chance to call myself “an artist” twice….I realized I was actually starting to own the word- and the label “Artist” …. And it felt good.

This had me remembering something from April 2007: 

I was working up at the Ames Hospital a few days a week with my co-worker Renee and she was telling me about a book her mother had read called “The Secret” … the details escape me now, but I remember she talked about asking the Universe for what you wanted and it will be so. Gee, I didn’t really have anything I felt like I wanted necessarily. I wasn’t dreaming very big those days.  I was just happy the way things were… no need to change anything. ….. Then I thought, perhaps I’d wish for a way that I could do my Art full time…. To become a “real artist”.

I don’t remember if Renee “wished” for something or not and I don’t remember IF I told my wish out loud or just kept it to myself. The weird thing was that a few weeks after that is when Greg got the offer go to KC to be an acting director for the summer, which then turned into a job full time in KC. HERE at that time, really was my chance to quit my job and follow him to KC and work on my art full time….. BUT I guess I wasn’t ready to take what the Universe had to offer me. Change can be a scary thing. Now, although it has taken me five years, I have begun to realize, accept and desire this radical transformation of myself into an artist. 

Another thing which had me thinking about this all was the Interview I got to do last week with a local TV news person, Mollie Cooney of Channel 8. Mollie does a series called “In the Artist Studio” taking to local artists from Des Moines. Lori, another co-worker and Peace Art Lover had suggested my name to Mollie…. I believe this was back early winter… and it took until spring for me to get the call. Timing is everything!.... I can see that clearly now. I wasn’t ready for an interview last winter, but I was last week….. just as I wasn’t ready to let go of my Des Moines life and Cancer work back in 2007, but I can feel the transition has started inside of me now.

The interview seemed to go well. I won’t know until it airs next Sunday morning. I’ll be able to get a link when this interview is posted on the TV8 website at some point. I really don’t remember much of what I said, but I do remember saying that when I was 6 years old in kindergarten being ask “what do you want to be when you grow up”….. I answered AN ARTIST…. So I believe by the time I am 60, I will fulfill my desire and become a full time artist.... LOOK OUT WORLD!!! Here I come!

So Renee, I don’t think I can wait until age 62 to retire…. I think I’ll be shooting for DEC 2013…. Or at least go part-time for awhile if I can….. The timing isn’t important…. It will all come together when it is suppose to… I just need to believe… and be brave enough to left go.

PS: I'll tell you about my second art experience from last week later this week.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday GUEST blog

5-9-12 glowing brain

Shout-Out to the Super Moon on Cinco de Mayo  De Mayo

So many activities on Cinco de Mayo and when it falls on a Saturday, Oh MY! And just to make me look smart, the day celebrates the Mexican victory over France in the 1862 Battle of Puebla.
While May 5th is another day on the calendar, the day celebrates births, deaths, marriages, divorces, work, play and this year, there was a SUPER MOON.
My camera did not do justice at 10:32 pm. So here goes, a host of pictures from around the world. Enjoy the pictures.

Chat Later,
That Girl, Ann Marie

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend Report

5-6-12 relaxing brain
I'm posting today since the next few days are going to be extra busy for me with some extra-curricular activities- I'll report on later this week.

Greg was in Des Moines this weekend and we had a fun day on Saturday, which started off with breakfast at Chefs with neighbor friends. Then - since it is now THAT time of year.... not football time.... but CAR SHOW time... we participated in this fun event.

The Gortz Haus is a very cool Bistro, Art Gallery, Gift Shop, Flower Shop... all in an old church in Grimes, Iowa- not far from Des Moines. I know many of you have been there with me and  this is one of my favorite places to eat, although I don't make it there but once a year it seems lately.

I talked to Betty, the owner, and she still wants me to bring some of my art out there to sell.... I'll get around to it one of these days. !!

This was a British Car Club Show, and I love the old cars, but the Club also welcomes those of us with new Mini Coopers to be a part of their group.

 Greg has my green Mini all shined up and looking new for a 10 year old car!

Before the car show, Ann and I ventured downtown to check out "The Market" which is a Homemade Arts and Crafts Sale held once a month down at the Kirkwood Hotel.  We were checking this out as a possible venue for me to sell some of my Peace Art.... and Ann to sell her wool mittens. I believe I will give it a try once this summer, if I am accepted- I need to  apply first. The booths are NOT too expensive.

Saturday evening, Greg and I dined out with Ann and Roy, some of our church friends, and we had a delightful evening of conversation with them. 

We had a brief thunderstorm this morning, but the sun has come out and I think I should now go outside and enjoy. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

5-4-12 update

5-4-12 update brain

How mysterious.... I took the two pictures of my flowers early evening yesterday to post on today's blog.
Then this morning, when I looked out my bathroom window at 6:15am I saw that three of the iris had bloomed- I'm not sure when..... during the night? Well..... the moon was bright last night.

I read that on Saturday, the moon will be a "super-moon".... a full moon which falls when the earth and moon are closest distance together. Expect "weird" things to happen??

Running late

5-4-12 late brain
Four days into May, I guess it is time to flip the calendar over.... no wonder I am late with our nephew's birthday... now I need to start thinking about Mother's Day and graduations.

Yesterday was the first time I heard a Wren outside my window. I hope it sticks around, since I love their song. Yesterday was also the first day I rode my bike. It seems like I am late getting it out, since the weather has been so warm, but then it is only the first of May... still 5 good months to get some riding in..... at least when it's not too hot this summer.

Yesterday the Peonies started opening! They smell so good.

I'm still waiting on my large iris....

I'm looking forward to a weekend in Des Moines with Greg.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday GUEST Blog


Drake Relays n’ More
When I graduated from Allen Memorial School of Nursing (’84), my goal was teach community health. Well that did not quite work out. One class can shift a person’s major, so I ended up with a BA in General Studies for Nurses. I was satisfied with an RN Diploma and a BA. That’s until my mentor at work strongly suggested I get my Masters degree. Yes, he was persistent, I agreed and two years later (’03), I received my Masters in Public Administration from Drake University. Yee Haw, I’m a bulldog alumni!
As an alumni, sad to say I watched the 103rd Drake Relays from a far, not to mention never meeting up at the local watering hole “Peggy’s”. I met up with DrakeSmart travel buddies Ted & Jake at Jethro’s, scored 12 Peggy tumblers, bought a few kiddies outfits and a pair of sweet rain boots at the Book Store, sat outside the stadium to hear Simon Estes salute the troops with a bang of fireworks. 

Can’t leave without getting a pic of the “Top Dog”, very sweet! (darn it, I should of worn my blue hair).

The Relays showcases state high school, college and premium athletes.  The relays started out on Wednesday with an indoor high-jump event, showcasing the top five male and female jumpers, at our swanky mall. This was a very cool event!  I found the following article, so many great runners at the Relays. Here’s an excerpt by Reid Forgrave of FOX Sports. 
There was 2008 Olympian Wallace Spearmon, blazing down the track in 20.02 seconds and breaking his idol Michael Johnson's meet record in the 200-meter dash.
There was two-time American Olympic high jumper Chaunte Lowe, revving up the sellout crowd at Drake Stadium with a backflip and a shimmy moments after she broke her own meet record in the women's high jump when she soared 1.98 meters. And over there, as Lowe was in mid-flip, middle-distance Olympian Jenny Simpson pulled away from the pack and won the 1,500-meter run.
Thirty-three Olympians came to this Midwestern capital. The same April weekend every year, top track and field athletes either come here or go to the Penn Relays at the University of Pennsylvania, two of the most revered track and field events in the country….And in an Olympic year, events like the Drake Relays become both a preview of the coming Games ….

Like back in 1935, when a sophomore at Ohio State University came to the Drake Relays and set the American record in the broad jump by leaping 26 feet, 1-3/4 inches. The next year, Jesse Owens went to the Nazi-infused infused Berlin Olympics. A year after competing in the Drake Relays, Owens won four gold medals and was the most heralded athlete of the Games — and became a rebuke to Adolf Hitler's Aryan beliefs that humans of African descent are inferior, as well as to an American society that treated African-Americans as less-thans.
The list of other Olympic gold medalists who have competed at the Drake Relays is long: Carl Lewis, Michael Johnson, Wilma Rudolph, Gwen Torrence, Jeremy Wariner, Bruce Jenner, Al Oerter. It's a hugely popular event in Iowa, but it seems to gain that extra cachet in an Olympic year, as if the results of the Drake Relays can be a harbinger of the coming Olympics.
This year, 2008 Olympic gold medalist Bryan Clay competed in the decathlon, and 2008 pole vault silver medalist Jenn Suhr arched her body over the pole vault bar. Two-time silver medalist Adam Nelson put the shot, and two-time silver medalist Terrence Trammell ran the hurdles.
For many of the Olympians and aspiring Olympians who came here over the weekend, this was the beginning of their outdoor season, the start of a ramping-up where they all aim to peak right around July 27, the beginning of the 2012 Olympic Games. The Drake Relays and other similar events bring good competition, yes, but in Olympic years they are only practice for the event that's 10,000 times more important. Check out the slideshow here:
A special shout-out to family friend Keith Ricks of Virginia Tech. He’s a “star runner” and his team won their first-ever ACC Championship for Indoor and Outdoor track. Something to be very proud of “Track-Star”.  And proud, the “war department” is your number-one fan! Haha hehe.

Gotta run, Chat Later
That Girl, Ann Marie