Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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5-23-12 reporting brain
Here is Ann's side of her story.....  I did feel bad for her, glad at least the concert was a great. Now Ann wants to go to KC to hear Bonne sing this weekend. Greg and & I won't be there, so I guess Molly will have to be on Ann's speed dial.... just in case. ~Judy

May Surprises $100 dollars worth of FUN
Should I go …. Or should I stay home …. On a Friday night? I waxed and waned all week about going to a CD-Release concert for a great local singer “Bonne Finken”. She was releasing her third album with a good size show, backing her up was her five-piece band and Kees Dance Studio (pole dancers). 

So off I went at 8 pm, arriving at 8:30 to find street parking in front of the venue (aka porn star parking). Really, I said that to myself and trotted up stairs, paid my $15 and got a drink …… lemonade that is.  The show started at 9 pm and to say it was “fantastic” is an understatement. Bonne sang a few tunes from her CD, a few old tunes, and a few covers. 

The dancers performed for Adele’s “Fire in the Rain” and “Addicted to Love”. Let me say, they were HOT, talented, muscular and a treat for a girl that does not go bar hopping. The last song was a number with other dancers in their “booty shorts, fishnet stockings and black boots”. WOWSER … just WOWSER. 

I was going to stay for the next band at 11, that’s when I gazed out the loft window and to my surprise MY JEEP WAS GONE. In fact all 10 cars that was parked at 8:30 was gone. OMG, what happened, was I dreaming where I parked? I ran down and found an officer who told me “after 9 pm, this is a no-parking zone and a tow zone.” My Jeep and others were towed. Seriously, the one night that I go out, I get towed? Well how to get it, the joke was on me. The paperwork from the PD would open up at 7 am. So that’s where Judy comes in, glad she was home for the lift and the couch.  My $15 concert night turned out to be $100 in tow and fines. Happy Saturday to ME.

After I got home, I read over the paperwork and saw that I was ticketed at 9:01 and towed at 9:10. What a racket, the PD is well aware of the “easy ticket/tow” block and man, they are right on it. And why 9 pm to 6 am? It’s a bus pick-up/drop off … and not just any bus, the PARTY BUSES for gosh sakes.

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