Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Report

5-21-12 relaxed brain

This is a long story which is hard to make short, so bare with me. This weekend Greg and I planned to try something different, rather than be either in KC or Des Moines. Due to a planned Mini Cooper lunch meet-up and drive in Bethany MO between the KC Mini club and the DM Mini club, Greg and I would attend and then spend the night in a B&B in southern Iowa.

Now finally realizing that I don’t need to agree wtih everything which Greg suggests for our weekends, I spoke up and said I’d just join up with the group “after the drive” mid afternoon on Saturday. That way I could have Friday night to work in my garden, and then sleep in Saturday morning and not have to rush to get to Bethany.

Well, Friday evening went as planned, I did get some bushes trimmed, weeds pulled, and back yard mowed. I usually would be asleep by 10:00 after all that physical work, but I was up later reading when the phone rang at 11:15 PM….. who could be calling at that hour?

It was my friend Ann and I thought she was telling me that her car was stolen while she was downtown attending a concert….. she needed a ride?? What?  OK- it wasn’t stolen, but had been towed, since it was parked in a spot which needed to be vacated by 9:00 PM.  Ann was able to get a ride to my house by another friend at the concert, so she spent the night and then I ended up getting up by 7:00 AM to take her down to the Police Station to pay the fine, then we had to go to pick up her car in another part of town.  This all turned into quit an expensive night out for Ann. $60 to get her car out of auto-jail. She bought me breakfast too.

While we where downtown, we made a side trip into the Salvation Army which is a block from the Police Station. Ann loves to treasure hunt here, among other places. ….. more on this story tangent tomorrow.

So after I was able to do a few more errands Saturday morning, I headed down after lunch to meet up with the Mini Cooper people in southern Iowa. They had 14 cars join the drive and found some hilling roads to cruse on. We hung out awhile at a coffee/ice cream shop, mid afternoon in Lamoni. Then Greg and I headed a bit east to the “The Six Toed Cat” B&B, in the small town of Allerton, Iowa

Sunday morning Greg and I went hiking in the Bob White State Park which was a few miles from the B&B, and we hoped we didn’t pick up any ticks! It was windy, but nice.

We explored the small town of Corydon and then parted ways about 1:00 PM.

I have to admit it was a very relaxing weekend. I enjoyed my drive north back to DM and resisted the urge to get back on the Interstate to speed home…. and instead took the back roads home. I found this interesting looking barn. It was like three barns in one.

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