Friday, May 4, 2012

Running late

5-4-12 late brain
Four days into May, I guess it is time to flip the calendar over.... no wonder I am late with our nephew's birthday... now I need to start thinking about Mother's Day and graduations.

Yesterday was the first time I heard a Wren outside my window. I hope it sticks around, since I love their song. Yesterday was also the first day I rode my bike. It seems like I am late getting it out, since the weather has been so warm, but then it is only the first of May... still 5 good months to get some riding in..... at least when it's not too hot this summer.

Yesterday the Peonies started opening! They smell so good.

I'm still waiting on my large iris....

I'm looking forward to a weekend in Des Moines with Greg.

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  1. Lovely. Ours are budding but still a ways from blooming. Lilacs too. Usually both are open by now. We had a late cold snap this week. The weather is crazy.