Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More thoughts....

5-22-12 wondering brain

The link to my Peace Art TV interview which aired Sunday is now on the KCCI website, so you can take a peek of me explaining my art.

It was weird seeing myself on TV. I felt I did talk OK,which surprised me.... but to me my face looks like I’ve aged a lot over the last few years. Well, I guess it happens once you get beyond 50! I often fear that I am dressing too young for my age. I saw an example of this yesterday and it freaked me out a bit.

I was picking up new sunglasses (groovy, but with bifocals)….. 

...... as I walked out into the parking lot a older black guy was passing by and said “How you doing Babe?”….. I said “Great!” and flashed him a smile and peace sign and proceeded to my car.

The weird thing was this guy had grey facial hair and was no spring chicken himself, but he was dressed like a teenager..... Ball cap, low jeans, and sports jersey. I mean he looked OK wearing this since he was slim…. But wasn’t really that attractive due to age.

Now I’m second guessing some of the sundresses I wear in the summer. Just because I can, since I’m slim….. probably doesn’t mean I should-  however I really don’t know what else to wear. At least I’ve given up the short shorts and a two-piece swim suit.

Back to the story of shopping with Ann on Saturday morning at the Salvation Army: 
As I was checking out with the record albums I was buying…. I saw this by the front counter and said- “what is THAT thing?”

Since it was only $4, I decided this is something Ann and I should be using, especially Ann- since she is suppose to strengthen her leg muscles to help her knees. Ann said she would have bought it for $2, but $4 was just too much. So now when Ann comes over to watch TV…. I’ll make her use it. Actually it is kind of fun, like riding a horse.

Speaking of TV: this is a busy TV week due to finales on DWTS and Idol which will be keeping me very busy this week. I look forward to watching only ONE TV show over the summer and spending more time outside in the evenings after this week is over. Last night Sue, Carolyn and Ann came over to watch Dancing With the Stars. Tonight we will be cheering for Philp Philps! 


  1. Judy - if it fits, wear it! :) Just because you're 50+ doesn't mean you have to dress a certain way or like certain things. If I were "slim" I'd wear sundresses and bikinis and short shorts. I mean, really, we're too old to like Phillip Phillips, too! But we do! peace..

  2. oh my gosh Judy - I saw your segment, LIVE!! Can you believe I remembered??? You did such a nice job - I loved it! You looked fabulous - and I'm with Renee - wear what you feel comfortable in - you have always been "stylish" and I love your look and sundresses!! Woo hoo! Kelley