Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August winding down

8-28-13 summer brain

It's almost Labor Day Weekend, but feels like the end of July- very very hot in Iowa this week. I've got cabin fever from being indoors in the AC, so taking the time to check out some blogs today. I see my last post was in July.... so why not at least try to post once a month. I'm wondering how I ever made the time to blog daily for 3 years!

August has been a fun month. Started out with a trip with Mini Cooper gang up at big rally in UP Michigan at the Mackinaw Bridge.  We sure enjoyed the weather up there- had to wear a jacket even!

Ann and I attended the KC Bruno Mars concert one weekend while Greg was in Ohio at his class reunion. Mid August, Iowa had nice weather for our State Fair and Greg and I spent one Saturday morning out there.
Last weekend we had our annual neighborhood block pot-luck party.

Life is good!