Monday, May 28, 2012

This and that

5-28-12 split brain
Part of me wanted to "be productive" and part of me wanted to "relax". Well, I had a hard time being good at either of those today.  I started a to-do-list today, one thing on the list was to blog, but I got busy with a new pixel art project instead., so this will be brief.

At least I was able to have a relaxing morning with Greg still in town, then once he left I was pouncing from this and that.... got some laundry done, a few errands done, one out of 10 bags of mulch down, a few weeds pulled out of many still in the garden..... a short visit with a neighbor, a short rest break on the hammock, and a cake baked for the neighbor boy who is had an eye injury this weekend.

I'm so unfocused these days.... it is a wonder I can get anything done. I did clean the sun room and then proceeded to mess it up again with my pixel cutting....

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