Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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5-30-12 summer brain
Ann gives us a report on her holiday vacation ~ Judy

Memorial Day Weekend - StayCation

Shout-out to all my fellow Veterans, this is your/our day to reflect on our military service. I was watching Flags of my Father and thought of Marine Dude John, the men that took the hill of Iwo Jima and my Dad.  Now that is pure bravery. Me, I’ve never regretted my service in the USAF, circa 1978.

So what to do on a three-day weekend. On Friday I went to a ribbon cutting of a Cholatarie Stam’s patio (a local chocolate shop). I heard there was going to be food and music so I got my friend Robin to go with me. The food/chocolates were de-lish but the singing trio, well not going to say anything negative, but they could of used a bit sprucing up. They sung Irish bar songs, who knew, and my request of the Procalimers  “I’m going to be 500 miles”. Okay, I had a good time and seeing the 90 y/o retired pharmacist clapping was very sweet. Can’t imagine my Dad doing that, but maybe he would of. Did I say we had chocolates, yummy for sure.

On Saturday, I stopped to see my friend Kem at a graduation party for her daughter. Well, she was surprised, it’s only been 22 years. My surprise put a smile on her face and to boot, I ran into Clyde n’ Vivian. Small world, they live next to Kem. How funny. Oh yea, I did do some junking, a few treasures. 

On Sunday, I met up with Sue, Andy, Greg n’ Judy at the Junction, Valley Junction to see Bonne Finken. She was just in KC and I almost went down to see her. Glad I read the Datebook.

On Monday I grilled, had Sue and Andy over for burgers n’ such. And after they left, I went down to Dad’s flower garden. You know, not a day goes by without me thinking of Dad, so with no grave to go, I spruced up his  garden and added a special flower made of colorful glassware. I’ll write more about this art later. Boy, do I love cobalt blue or what! 

Before I get all misty-eyed, gotta run, clean the house and get ready for work.
Chat Later,

That Girl, Ann Marie

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