Monday, April 1, 2013

I'm a fool for PEACE!

4-1-13 foolish brain?

When I first was inspired with a new creative idea early in 2013, I was so excited. Then as the preparation for this creative idea started.... I thought-  "is this a foolish idea?".... Well today on April's Fool Day, I hung 396 of my Peace Discs on a wall..... I did have some help from friends Molly, Geri, and Steve. Thank-goodness for them- it only took 3 hours to do, instead of 6 or more hours I had originally planned on.

Here to can see the final layout at the link below.

Molly said it was impressive, so I have to believe her- she tells me the truth.
Here is the work in progress:

My helpers

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  1. truly awesome, Judy! I can't wait to come down to see it!