Monday, April 16, 2012

Catching up with me

4-16-12 catching up brain

I guess I need to start blogging again, at least a few times per week. While on blogging sabbatical, I’ve rediscovered the benefits to blogging for me: Although blogging takes time out of the day, Blogging is a reflective activity for my brain which helps put space between days- a marker, as a period at the end of a sentence.

Without blogging, my days have run into weeks and life seems to be a blur.
I have several things I want to “document” and so this post will be some catching up.

March 2012: the wonderful early spring! Much sun and record breaking warm temperatures to enjoy!

Friday night dinner in Ames with my old friend Teresa and her family. They were visiting ISU as possible college for daughter Sarah.

Teresa has hardly changed in 25 years!

Celebrated my Dad's 87th Birthday and my sister visited Iowa for the week.

Sadly celebrated my boss's retirement at our Staff Meeting in Iowa City.

New kitten is making herself right at home inside my heart!

Friday 4-13-12: was my Mini car's 10th Anniversary and Greg insisted we go back to the dealer to get our picture take. No one can believe my car is 10 years old, since Greg takes such good care of it. Greg really knows how to clear and wax a car.

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