Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday- a brighter day!

4-30-12 may day brain

I am looking forward to May, since April has been a rather hectic month for me and I was feeling a bit down in the dumps.... either physically worn down from my schedule and travel.... and/or mentally unstable.

 I was talking to a neighbor friend today while out walking and we agreed there was so much "craziness" going on, which has been a struggle to rise above. There has been teenage suicide locally, friend with health issues, friends leaving church due to divide over leadership conflicts in the choir....just to name a few.

Another friend reminded me to NOT focus on the negative, but stay in gratitude and prayer.... and yes that has helped lift my spirits. Also having a fun weekend with Greg in KC has helped.

We were out both Friday and Saturday nights having fun. Friday we went to hear two bands and Greg had me out until 2 AM.

Saturday, our Mini Cooper friends in KC; Johnna and John- threw their own party for Johnna's birthday.
This couple is all about FUN, since they make a living creating balloon sculptures. I must say this party was unlike any I have been to- EVER!

Fun deck and nice lights when the sun when down.

Me and the B-day girl

The theme was a Circus, and we were request to wear black and white.... so the pictures can show some of the fun..... human statue, a fire-eater, guy who walked on broken glass, a fortune teller (I stayed away from her).... a clown performance, a who-la-hop dancing girl (very inspiring for possible exercise class).... and the night ended up with party gift of Potato Guns for everyone. I didn't know there was such a thing, but I can recommend this is safe for kids. The evening ended up with a potato show-down.... kind of like a food fight I guess.

Speaking of food, Johnna is a "foodie" person and thus the food and beverages where wonderful.... Gluten free of course!

These mice where my favorite! I think I might be able to make these using a "Kiss" and a cherry with sliced almond ears.

Johnna and John are also very creative and "funky" with their home decor. Here is an example- picture of their living-room.

ALSO Johnna and John own NINE of my Peace Art CD's and have them hung in a grouping on their bed-room wall, framed in this whimsical manner..... totally their own idea, I just supplied the painted CD's. I love this idea so much!

so..... I just couldn't stay in a bad mood during this party, being surrounded by so much fun and creativity... and I am happy to report that my good mood has carried on into Monday.

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