Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hovering in-between

4-26-12 nowhere brain

Ever had one of those days?….. of sure you have-
We all get off balance from time to time….. and lately that has been my life…. As depicted here- by clothes I put on my body yesterday morning.  Is it summer? Is it spring…. yet my feet are cold! This weather/temperatures are crazy and bouncing all over.... just like ME!

Lately, for some reason, I no longer feel like I am living “split-in-two” between Des Moines and Kansas City….. but rather I am hovering somewhere in between…. And I’ve lost my feeling of being grounded. I’m sure this is because I’ve also had to spend time traveling for work, and also spending time up in my hometown- all in April.

My health and energy has been low this month and I think it is time to re-evaluate.
This might be as simple as a slight correction in my schedule, or it might be time to talk about BIG change.

I think just a small step might help me out…. AND I need to trust my feelings, instincts, inter-voice….. and ask for what I need.  Greg- we need to talk!

ART News for May:
I hope to volunteer one morning next week with an Art Project at my two acupuncturist-friends’ school of their son’s 1st grade class.

Also, I have been contacted by local TV 8 news gal (Mollie Cooney) who wants me to be a part of her series “Artists Studio”….. She’ll come talk to me about my Peace Art and watch me work in my “studio”…… it only runs about 5 minutes, so I think I can handle that. More on that in a few weeks.

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  1. hang in there and de-prioritize things, some things can wait, or really don't matter. There must be something in the air as I have been off all week also.