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4-11-12 vacant brain
I'm continuing my absence from blogging, but working my way back soon.... I'm starting to feel the need again to express myself. For now- here is Ann. ~Judy

Tribute to Dad
What to do, how will I feel and will I make it through the dreaded day of  April 6, 2012? So happy to report that all went well and I’m able to move on with great memories of Dad.
Before I share my day, my brother sent us an article “
Ways to Pay Tribute to My Deceased Dad” by Mara Tyler (9-1-11). Here’s some of the article:
Mourning and moving on with daily life is an intimately personal process that may vary from one person to the next.  Some people may feel that paying tribute to a deceased father is a one-time event, while others might want to honor a dad's memory in an ongoing or annual way.
Create a ritual or tradition that feels right for you.
Monument or Sacred Place, after the death of a parent, it can be helpful to have a monument or a sacred place to visit where you honor your father's memory. While a grave site can be a special place to reconnect with his memory, consider planting a tree in your backyard or purchasing a bench or statue that can be placed in his favorite park or somewhere he loved spending his time. A permanent, tangible monument ensures his memory will be honored forever and that he will still be a part of the living world and in your life.
Tradition, creating traditions is another way to pay tribute to your deceased father. Think of something you can do every year on the anniversary of his death, his birthday or during holidays that makes you feel closer to him. Traditions help give you the time and space to honor your dad's memory with people who knew and loved him.
Fulfilling Dreams,   another way to honor your father's memory is to fulfill one of the dreams he had while he was alive. For example, if he always wanted to attend a World Series baseball game, get tickets for one and attend it with your loved ones. If your father wanted to build a deck in the backyard, hire someone to complete the project in a way you think he would have liked. Finishing things he started or fulfilling one of his dreams will help you honor his memory and give him something he always wanted while he was alive.
Wow, happy to report that two of the three have been accomplished. The “Bench” at the State Fair is truly a place where is memory will be honored forever, not to mention the flower garden out back. I bought a new monument for the garden last month.

Then the tradition, walking the “Way of the Cross” will be my way to pay tribute to Dad. It will not always fall on April 6th, but Good Friday will always be the day to pay tribute to Dad. Here’s a great picture of the Walk this year (oh yeah, I made the Des Moines Register).

Now fulfilling dreams- that’s on my bucket list. Dad talked about going to China over the years and if his health was better, I think we would have gone there. So to fulfill his dream, and mine, I will take Dad to China and going to the Great Wall will be the highlight of the trip and what a great way to Pay Tribute To Dad!

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