Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday GUEST Blog

4-25-12 good to be back home brain
Ann and I are both back in Des Moines this week..... she ready to blog again.... me not caught up with my life yet ~ Judy

Love Love my Pen Pal
Where has April gone? I believe we are all busy busy beavers. Yep, I went on a relaxing vacation which I will write about later. Let me just say “Rich, Elegant, Over the Top” best describes my time away from Iowa.

Back to writing, the art of writing a letter or a card is fading with presto, email, skype, facebook, blogging and chit chatting on the phone. Even with bills, the stamp is also a dying breed. Only a few years ago, I shelled out 15 stamps per month. Today, I barely get 1 out per month. Then there’s the greeting card. I must admit, back in the day I sent out a lot of Hallmark cards. Today, I barely send out a few. I just don’t understand why a card has to cost $3-5 dollars. However, I do love a music greeting card, it makes me chuckle.

So does anyone have a Pen Pal? Happy to report that I have one, Marine Dude John, aka Judy’s Dad John. Amazing that he loves to make cards with his “stampers” and adds a special note. He’s his own “Hallmark” greeting card company, up there in Charles City. I do love his cards, and somewhere in one of my writing drawers, I have a bunch of John’s cards. Here’s a pic of a few. Dude … you are talented.

To give my appreciation to John, I traveled up North to wish him well for his 87th Birthday late March. I was first to get up there, chatted a bit before Judy, Greg and Jan showed up. We had a lunch made by Jean and then went out to dinner at the famous “Bowling Alley”.  A nice treat by John and Jean.

Oh yeah, knowing how much John loved the blue hair, I took it along. Smile and say “cheese”.

Gotta run, Chat Later
That Girl, Ann Marie 

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