Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to school

9-1-10 amazed brain
WOW... it is September already. I'm not sure what happened to August. I guess I was stuck inside the house with the AC on, since August was a hot and humid month this year, often with Heat Index over 100 degrees.

September is the return of school for many, and my nephew Christopher is one of them. Chris received his undergraduate degree two years ago and has since been working to save up for graduate school.

Jan and Sarah helped him move down to Alabama where he will study history and work towards his Masters and maybe even is Doctorate I believe.

Hand-me-down furniture has been collected for his first apartment and loaded on U-haul.

Here is picture of his text books for the semester!

I need to go visit him, since I have never been to Alabama before and know nothing of the schools down there. I think he is in Tuscaloosa... and maybe the sports team is referred to as the Crimson Tide? Yes, a visit in 2011 will be in order for Greg and I to check this out and to see how Christopher is making his mark in the world of history academia. Of course he is taking after me... I won two history awards in high school :)


  1. I remember the excitement of returning to school to study what I wanted to study, not what I was told to study. This brings back fond memories.

  2. I loved the start of school for the new clothes and new people to meet!