Monday, September 13, 2010

Music makes the world go round

9-13-10 GLEE- full brain
Boy I’m really in a musical mood these days, probably because of my recent trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame out in Cleveland…

Or maybe it’s seeing myself on the cover of the “Rolling Stone”! (ha ha ha)

Or maybe cause I am watching reruns of GLEE as I prepare for the new TV season.

I do love singing, and I sing often when I am alone….I just wish that I could sing…. But unfortunately it’s not one of my talents in this life.

Songwriters amaze me. How do they come up with a nice tune and then have the lyrics to go with the music. I can see being good at one or the other… but to come up with something so totally different from all the songs that have already been written just blows my mind. I guess songs are like snowflakes.... similar but all different in their own unique way.

Visit this blog HERE and you will see a talented gal Kerri Arista and her attempt to write 50 songs in 90 days. I really like this song which is #25 on her way to 50. It's called “This is the Life”.

Boy, this world of blogging also fascinates me. You can find blogs, out there on the Internet, on any topic you can think of! I really am starting to understand the power of the Internet. Could we ever go back and live without it!? Well, I suppose I could.... something to ponder.


  1. Congrats on making the cover!

    No, seriously, how'd you do that?

    Is the R&R Hall of Fame as terrific as I imagine it to be? I want to see it some day. I want to see the Woodstock Museum in Bethel, NY too. It's supposed to be super.

    Rock & roll will never die. Not so sure about Hip Hip.

  2. This picture happened at the R&R Hall of Fame. We were in front of a "green" screen to get our photo taken.

  3. Love Kerri's blog - she has some great tunes!

  4. I've just started watching Glee reruns, too! Trying to find out if it's "all that". And now I get it...I'm hooked! Some seriously talented kids on that show.'s set in Lima, Ohio! (pronounced with a long I, not like lee-ma Peru) Woo-hoo!

    We went to the R&R Hall of Fame the first year it was open, when we lived in Pittsburgh. I can just imagine how much it has grown since then. I was amazed at how small Mick Jagger's clothes were.