Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

9-6-10 laboring brain

Today I am enjoying Labor Day, resting some, but also working out in the yard in Des Moines trimming bushes. Last night we arrived back home from a 5 day traveling trip out to the Ohio area. Five nights out, each in a different hotel, so I really enjoyed my own bed last night when we arrived home 11:06 PM, just before it starting raining.

We would have been home earlier on Sunday, but we HAD to make a special loop back through Cleveland, after we saw that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame had a special Bruce Springsteen exhibit.

I know my resume might look like I am one of those "educated elitists" Rush Limbaugh seems to turn his nose down on.... but my heart really belongs to the Working Class heroes. I believe that is why Bruce Sringsteen has been one of my top music favorites since 1975. I LOVE his music and somehow related to the themes he sings about.

Growing up, my hometown had two large factories, one a tractor company and the other a veterinary medicine company. Both of these factories provided good jobs to raise a family on, many jobs did not need a collage education. Our town was thriving back then in the 1960's. I can appreciate that unions have played a vital role in improving working conditions in the US, acknowledging also, that there is a fine balance that needs to in place between management and labor. "Win-Win" mentality can and should be the goal, but has not always been the case.

We enjoyed the Rock and Roll exhibit on Bruce Springsteen, immersing ourselves for about 2 hours, then listened to Bruce on the iPod all the way back to Des Moines for 11 hours. This was a good way to get in the Labor Day mood.

This video is an example of his early music from "Darkness on the Edge of Town" from 1987 called "Factory". This video from concert last year, just one month before we were to see him in concert in KC. Unfortunately, that concert was cancelled due to death of one of his road staff in a KC hotel.

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