Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My NEW vintage

9-28-10 grateful brain
I’m so excited to have received another fabulous vintage piece of clothing a few weeks ago from my parents neighbor up in my hometown. I love this material! Like the dress I received this summer, this is a handmade skirt sewn by Mrs. Berns, my former 4-H leader.
Thanks to her daughter Jan for rescuing this for me!

I thought I would have to wait until spring to wear this skirt, but since it is a heavy fabric with autumn colors, I believe I can put this brown sweater with it and wear it to next week’s Cancer Workshop in Cedar Rapids. Luckily at this training, I only have to give one presentation which will last only about 30 minutes.


  1. That looks very autumnal. Pumps or strappy sandals or ballet slippers?

  2. Shoes, that is THE question! I do have some flat ballet slipper type shoes I probably will go with. I do have very cute orange sandals but think it may be too cold in the meeting room for me. I also got on sale a pair of flat brown alligator looking classic loafer type of shoe which might work?

  3. Looks nice. I love the colors :) Can't wait to see you in person next week.