Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend update

9-27-10 resting brain
Dang, the weekend didn’t turn out like we had planned. We were not able to attend the KC Plaza Art Fair this year since first Greg was sick Wed-Friday, and then I started feeling bad on Saturday. I spent most of Sunday in bed in hopes of a fast recovery.

Monday, I do feel a bit better and had to get some work done which is due Tuesday.

My time in bed on Saturday late afternoon, Sunday, and Sunday night from 7:00PM to 7:00AM Monday morning, proved that cats do sleep a lot. Clover, our newly adopted cat spent the entire time with me in bed.

Sometimes on top of the covers....

Sometimes she crawled under the covers!

PS: I never know if I just have the common cold, or if I have the flu. Either way, I am missing the outside world, but still will take it easy for a few more days to assure full recovery. October will be a very busy month for me!

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  1. Judy - Clover is so cute! I'm sorry you're not feeling well - take care of yourself. Teddy, our kitten, it seems is more like a dog than a cat - begs for food, meets us at the door and want lots of attention! Although so annoying at times, he is the cutest thing - we're growing very attached. Kelley