Monday, July 11, 2011

Art in the July Heat

7-11-11 groggy brain
Back from vacation, my brain and body both resist entering back into the work week routine, even though I had this last weekend to recover.

Friday evening Christopher and I returned to Des Moines, and were treated to a delicious meal prepared by Ann. Saturday morning I dropped Chris off at the airport and headed down to KC for my week there. It is hot in the Midwest, but temps in KC this weekend hit 100 (plus and minus a few degrees). Indoor activities where in order.

Saturday Greg and I went to a late afternoon movie; and Sunday Molly joined us in a trip down to the Nelson-Atkin's Art Museum to see the special Monet exhibit. The three large water lilies paintings (triptych)  were together for the first time in more than 30 years. They were taken from Monet's studio in the 1950's.  KC had one, St Louis had one and the Cleveland art museum had the other.

I enjoyed the Monet very much..... and used the inspiration to create my daily peace of art with water lilies in mind:

...... and also loved the new acquisition of the metal tree by Roxy Paine out on the lawn of the KC museum. I love the shape of trees, so I do like this piece and found the shadow it cast on the grass below interesting as well. These pictures where taken with my iphone, so not perfect.

Molly walked up and touched this, and instantly a voice came from some undisclosed speaker, announcing "please do not touch the sculpture".... I'm sure the person behind the voice was glad to finally have the chance to scold someone, bringing some excited to her dull day watching the security cameras.

I know I have much to write about my vacation and will try to get my pictures and thoughts organized tomorrow to begin that story line.

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  1. Great Monet inspired peace art.

    I guess my purpose on Sunday was to give the girl in the box something to do.