Friday, July 1, 2011

Iowa visitors

7-1-11 excited brain
Iowa has been inundated with many visitors this week… generating varying degrees of excitement. It is a bit amusing that our small state often is a political testing ground of sorts.

This week, the top attention getters were President Obama, and also GOP Michele Bachmann, who was born in Waterloo, Iowa…. Where she announced her candidacy for president this week ….. and then there was Sarah Palin in Iowa, for no good reason at all, as far as I can tell.

Palin was in Pella, not far from Des Moines, a great little conservative town with Dutch roots (which I can relate to)…. Debuting a movie about herself? Why?… I’m not sure.

I believe Sarah Palin is totally irrelevant now that Bachmann is in the ring on the GOP side. Bachmann is not perfect herself, but she has proven she can hold down a job without quitting in the middle…. And she can string words together in a sentence which makes sense to at least ~ 30% of the US population.

Cut Taxes!! ”….. still doesn’t make sense to me, when it only benefits the top 1% of the population and ADDS to the US deficit. I’ve noticed that people in KC and in Iowa both are starting to question this GOP mantra, by the Letters to the Editor of the KC Star and DM Register newspapers.

One person wrote: "Tax Cuts since 2001… and where are all the jobs created from that rich give-a-way?"

Palin was wearing jeans the day she visited Iowa, pretty causal if she actually is serious about running for President. I believe she is NOT serious. She already has a good thing going, why ruin it? Now IF only the news media would cut her loose and let her go back to the good-life in Alaska. We now have her daughter Bristol, walking in her mother's footsteps to keep us entertained for awhile.

Ending on a HIGH NOTE here, Thursday evening I picked up a truly welcomed visitor to Iowa… my nephew Christopher flew in and we all will be spending our annual 4th of July together in northern Iowa at my parents.

Here is Chris with "the dog".
Note that Chunks (Sarah's dog) wasn't invited to Iowa. I guess Hunt will be taking care of Chunks this week back in Tennessee.

I made Christopher this sign to welcome him at the airport….. It's fun making people feel special! Maybe that is why the presidential candidates like to visit Iowa ?

PS:  My blog is officially on summer break next week- Happy 4th of July!

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