Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend update

7-25-11  Monday brain
Greg was in DM this weekend, and I'm so grateful that he stopped by the Iowa Acupuncture Clinic as he drove into town and was a great help to me hanging up my small Peace Art Show Friday after work. We got done twice as fast because of his precise measuring.

Here is Bill my Acupuncturist whom I'm know since 1997. Bill and his acupuncture has changed my life and gives me the energy I need to lead my busy life. I'm still learning from him and trying to follow a more balance life.

Saturday morning it was raining as we got out of bed. It was so nice to hear the thunder and rain drops. Guess what we did Saturday afternoon? Yep, that's right- a car event. This time another Mini Cooper drive. It was pretty fun with a nice group of 8 Mini's. The sky was cloudy most of the day, which kept the temperatures a bit cooler, but we still enjoyed the stop for ice cream in Perry Iowa.

Sunday Greg and I ate lunch with Vivian and Clyde after church. Then I was just  around the house working on some art, and getting my Peace Blog updated and Greg hit the road mid afternoon to return to KC. Oh yes.... and  I have two people interested in buying some of my peace art which is very exciting.

However, the highlight of the weekend for me was Sunday evening, I spent time with our neighbors Chris and Paul. It was Paul's 63rd Birthday and they had a small BBQ.

The temps where cooler in the low 80's which allowed us to enjoy their backyard patio, which I loved so much being able to finally sit outside! Sorry Greg had to miss this.


  1. Judy, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your exhibit! It looks awesome. I need to pick mine out before you sell it! :)

  2. If you see one that you really love Renee on the Peace Blog, just left me know the date and I will save it for you. or you know I will try to make one especially for you.