Monday, July 18, 2011

Vacation pictures

7-18-11 fried brain
Terrible heat wave in the Midwest this weekend, with no end in sight! Heat Index in KC on Sunday was 104, Heat Index in DM was 110! Even northern Iowa was 107 heat index..... Iowa is known for it's humidity during the summer, (good for growing corn).....but this is ridiculous!

I'm  SO thankful that the weather was not THIS hot over the week I spent in my hometown over the 4th of July. We certainly lucked out there.

I'll share a few more pictures from my vacation:

The 4th of July Parade- Dad did ride on the Honor Flight Float again this year. He got a bit worn out that day, but enjoyed waving to everyone. Dad is the first on the left, in his red hat.

Flying birthday cake was a favorite parade entry this year. Also the Iowa Sullivan Brothers depicted on a cement truck.

Goodbye breakfast with The Culbertsons: "the other Judy", Steve, Vanni and me.

My Mom's garden out back. Jan and Christopher did some gardening for Mom, transferred some hostas, but I didn't get a picture of that..... I was sitting on the back porch, busy making the 4th of July decorations.

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