Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer projects

7-21-11 over-doing-it brain
I so need to kick back some this summer… I hope it isn’t too late?

Opposite to winter’s lack of sunshine and my lack of energy…. This summer has been filled with abundant sun and increased energy for me, which is not always good.. since I tend to burn the candle on both ends…. Only then to crash.

I have forgotten that hot summer days are a good time to relax, read a book, drink a margarita…. Day-dream.

Instead I’ve been full of projects. One project last week was started by Greg and I in the heat of the day, yes we were crazy but at least we were in shade, but still sweating profusely. We got inspired to experiment with the front bushes of the KC house. They are overgrown and just trimming them off the top would only leave stems, so we tried the opposite….. trim the bottom and leave the top. See the difference from left to right sides.

This will probably be step one of a landscape make-over for the house front. This fall we will move some Hosta plants from the DM house, which are in great need of being split, and planting them down at the base of these bushes in KC.

Next- this week, I’ve had another big round of framing (20) to get ready for the début of my Peace Art. I’m hanging a small exhibit on Friday evening at The Iowa Acupuncture Clinic in Clive (86th and Hickman). I have the big ones done and made the mistake seeing what they would look like in my dinning room and living room… dang- I like them and now want to keep them all for myself. But no, it’s time to free up some space and that way more creativity will flow my way.

Too soon it seems, Greg and I will be on another week vacation, this time to Colorado. I’m not sure if this trip will be an opportunity to relax and day-dream, but I really need to give it a try. My August and September look to be very busy at work, although it hasn’t really slowed down at all from my busy spring.

Note to self: you really do need to take some time to recharge.

PS: I had my first corn on the cob of the season. The season was late this year due to cool spring, but also I was late in buying. A cool down is suppose to arrive today…. Only 90 degrees. It’s funny to say, but 90 will feel different. I think my body is getting somewhat use to the hot weather, although this week I have been mostly inside.

Thunder and a light shower were welcomed this morning about 7:30 to 8:00AM. The temperature went from night time low of 77 down to 70 degrees, so I opened up a few windows for an hour to get some fresh air. I hope we get some more rain, but at least the clouds are helping keep it cooler for awhile.

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