Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tumbling walls

7-27-11 surprised brain
Tuesday morning started out with a bang..... I was up early and showered, so then thought it would be a good morning to make my rounds to the hospitals to pick up my reports, since it was fairly cool out.

Boy, am I glad I picked today, because when I arrived at Iowa Lutheran, I realized things were about to change in a major way.

The old "annex" building, as it was call since I have been working there, is about to come down. This was the old nursing dorm at one time and I believe was the main original hospital. I'm writing this blog for Molly, who I worked with there in 1984 and 1985; and for Renee who said she was born there and worked in the Pathology Office in 1974 to 1975.

I stood and watch the ball swing a few times, and the old building is strong and didn't break up much each time. They don't build them this strong now! In the late 1990's I actually worked some days from this building, after it was mostly vacant.... since this is were some of the medical records were being stored. This is prior to the electronic medical records they have now. This building had a wonderful view of the Des Moines river. I bet it was sure something special in its day.


  1. ahhh the memories. Thanks, Judy.

  2. ah, so sad to see it go. I can only hope that they build something new and fantastic there. I loved Lutheran and all the staff there. And for the record I worked there from 1982 to 1985, seems like so long ago!