Monday, February 27, 2012

2-27-12 amazed brain

Greg and I had our 3 nights at the Big Cedar Cabin planned and I was happy with that and looked forward to doing little if anything except being together. But then Greg came up with more..... he wanted to take me to an art museum in Arkansas, and said it was very close to the state line.

Well, I was kind of interested, but when he said it was build by the Walmart family, I had mixed emotions.
I won't get into my negative views on Walmart here... but show you many pictures of what we saw. It was worth the side trip we took the day before we headed to the cabin. It's worth Ann putting this on her "bucket list". It's about a 3 hour drive from KC.

This is the model of the Art Museum designed by Moshe Safdie of Israel..... and seeing this architectural wonder was worth the trip- Build in a ravine in the hills of NW Arkansas.

The art collection was all American Artists. (Sounds familiar.... kind of like Walmart in the early days... "buy American made") Greg joked that he was expecting someday that these would be switched to Chinese Artists. :)

Here is Iowa Artist Grant Wood, for example.

After all was said and done, even with mixed emotions- I did enjoy this side trip and I really was amazed at this spectacular building and exhibit.....Yes, Art is important..... yet  I still can't help but wonder if spending Walmart money on something a like this, rather than paying for employee health benefits- might have done better good for our country? Well, life is not black and white.....  no one or no thing is pure good or pure evil..... so my hats off the the "good" Walmart has done here.

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