Sunday, February 12, 2012

Musical Weekend

2-12-12 singing brain

One morning last week, maybe Friday, I found a surprise on my door step. Along with the morning paper, there were at least half dozen old Olivia Newton John albums. Of course I knew right away, someone is remembering my need of old record albums to create my large Peace Art. I’m suspecting Carolyn, since she goes to work early and I think she had told me sometime back that her sister had some old records which were going to be cleaned out.

This music on my door step was a good way to kick off a “musical” weekend.

Friday night Greg and I ventured out into to the cold Iowa night and met up with our friends Ann and Roy downtown. An old bar, “Blues on Grand” had recently been re-done and now called the “Gas Lamp”…. And there was a band playing this weekend which covered Beatles music. Roy, who strums a guitar from time to time, was particularly interested, so the rest of us went along with the idea.

It actually was fun stepping out of my 50 something box…. And going someplace new to listen to old music….. and stayed up past my usual reasonable bedtime….. and I had fun. AND happy to report I wasn't the oldest person there. 

Also this weekend our friend Mike who works one afternoon being a DJ at the locally owned alternative radio station was telling Greg and I about a class which was allowed to listen to his show on Friday afternoons during their reading time. Mike plays all types of cool music from blues, jazz, …. I can’t even begin to describe the mix of sounds he is into. Anyway, Mike had been contacted by this teacher of this class who told him the class has an autistic boy who doesn’t talk and sits with his head down all day…. BUT now on Friday afternoons, during reading time which includes Mike’s radio music…. This autistic boy comes to life and starts smiling and dancing and at the end of the hour the whole class gets up to join him dancing.

This story moved me, and shows the power of music in our live, touching deep into our soul, which we can easily take for granted.  I think about this from time to time…. Remembering how my life use to have a sound track that went along with it…. and now, when I hear those certain songs from the past, I can be transported back, usually with a smile on my face.

I was feeling sad that I didn’t have a current sound track to my life. I’m either not taking the time to listen to music since I tend to be in an NPR talk radio phase of life and/or I am not keeping up with new music enough to have any music punctuate my daily life, able to create future memories.

However, there is one exception. Molly, a month or so ago, when I was riding in her car, was playing a CD by Adele called “21”. I liked it- (now LOVE IT)… so I bought it…. and I have been playing this A LOT.  

Tonight, the Peace Sisters will be gathering to watch the Grammys together. Ann keeps up with all the current music and I rely on her to keep me partially in the music loop. Her favorite is Maroon 5. At least I will know and appreciate who Adele is now while we watch the Grammys….. and I also am looking forward to see my old very favorite Bruce Springsteen who is suppose to perform tonight.

Then came the sad news this weekend of the death of Whitney Houston….one less beautiful voice on earth, one more singing in heaven.

Music is a GIFT.... and I must remember to keep it in my life daily!

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  1. I've loved Adele for a long time. So glad you love her now! I could never live without music. Love how it touched the autistic boy...there are truly healing powers in music! I think you need to rock out more and listen to politics less :)