Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Sunday

2-5-12 split brain

I just finished watching Madonna on the half time show, so I have the song “Like a Prayer” singing in my brain.
I now switched over to watch a late 60 Minutes show (I believe a rerun) with Meryl Streep talking about acting and getting into someone else’s head. I always wondered how actors do that…. Becoming a new character without loosing themselves.

I was thinking about “acting” while I drove back to Des Moines this afternoon from my week in KC with Greg. As soon as I hit I-435, I feel like I have to “flip a switch” in my head. DM-Judy has to be self-supporting, strong and independent. DM-Judy reminds me of the Judy in her single days…. She can be a bit more self-absorbed, bewildered and moody.

I’ve discovered on this last trip to to see Greg that both KC-Judy and DM-Judy are equally happy, but different things about each split life makes me happy. I am usually grateful that I get to experience both, because most of the time, I feel life would be boring just being in one place. Yet last week in KC, I found myself realizing that Greg makes me a better person…. And really miss him when we are apart.

Today when I left KC it was about 46 degrees. My drive was sunny for the first two hours, then as I hit the Iowa boarder the clouds appeared and somewhere south of Osceola the snow appeared on the ground. I thought this would depress me, but actually the scenery was so pretty. When I hit Warren County the trees were lined in snow. I love that look when each dark branch of a tree is outlined with white. I was too focused on getting home to stop the car to take a picture, but think of a typical Ansil Adams black and white photo of winter in Yosemite.

Here I did take a picture of the back yard when I arrived home. The bushes appeared to be made out of cotton-candy.

When I pulled in the drive way, I was expecting I’d have to shovel the snow which fell on Saturday, but some fairy-godmother…. Or fairy-godfather had already cleared it all away. The nice thing about this surprise is that I can’t just point my finger at one person who was so nice to me….. I’m blessed with many people who are helping me navigate my crazy split life- otherwise I know I couldn’t keep this up.

So I head to bed now, not focusing on what I don’t have….. but I’m feeling blessed and grateful for what I have…. a crazy life with wonderful loving people I treasure.

Now I am humming the song “I get by with a little help from my friends”….


  1. The Des Moines landscape found me in awe yesterday too since we have no snow here. It is gorgeous, wet, heavy snow that sticks to everything and I was trying to grab a photo of the dark trees lines with white.

  2. Glad to see you back in print. The trip to KC fixed your heart and head.