Friday, February 10, 2012



I am enjoyed by mini blog sabbatical this month. It’s been nice not having to force myself to write something everyday, especially when nothing out of the ordinary has been happening.

This week, Iowa has returned to winter, but still who can really complain about temperatures in the 30’s. I’m really starting to notice the longer daylight hours, since it is still light out now past 5:30PM. To me, that is a sign of spring!

Last week in KC when I was being spoiled with mild temperature in the 50’s and 60’s, I started walking during my lunch break. I found this to be very therapeutic and a brisk walked helped lower my stress and I was able to have very productive afternoons after taking this mid day break.

I’ve tried to continue this and make this my new habit this week….. and I’m happy to say I did bundle up with hat, scarf and winter coat…. And I did walk most days this week.

AND..... I have been eating pretty healthy. Here is example- I've been using my mini crock-pot. This might look like soup, but once you drain off the liquid, there is a cooked chicken breast with a yam, wild rice with cranberries and pumpkin seeds.

Greg is coming to DM this weekend, so I am happy about that. We’ll see what fun we can scrape up here in the small city, compared to our times spent in KC (4 times bigger that DM).

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