Friday, February 24, 2012

Mini Break

2-24-12 floating brain

Greg and I took a mini spring break last weekend which spilled over into Monday and Tuesday.
The main trip was to our favorite  retreat place, Big Cedar Lodge which is south of Branson MO, on Table Rock Lake, almost to the Arkansas line. We arrived there Sunday.

The weather was sunny and about 50:  perfect for hiking and enjoying nature!

Monday these were the words floating in my brain:

Watching the day unfold.
Relaxed without hurry or worry. 
The sights and sounds of nature, along with the sunshine-
Are melting away the cares and commitments of civilization.

Today I am absorbed in, and merging with nature-
Not the wild, raw nature but the grounding, solid and wise part of nature    which converses with the soul.

The conversation goes like this-
Slow down, look, listen, breath. Rejoice! - It’s time for your spirit to remember the dance. The dance of life itself.
Don't miss the beauty and love as when the whirlpool of business tries to pull you down under the surface.
Lay on you back, looking skyward, relaxed, grateful - floating upward-
Above the chaos of the day.

Wrapped in warmth.

Part of our time was spent relaxing on the deck overlooking a babbling creek.... and we were feeding the birds. Chickadee, cardinal, and here is tit mouse.

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