Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday- August or September?

8-13-12 the early bird brain

I was up at 5AM today..... well that doesn't happen too often, but I was cold and was looking for a blanket!
Boy the weather has cooled off tremendously here in Iowa. I left KC yesterday afternoon it was 93, when I arrived in DM is was cloudy and only 70! I was totally shocked to find 2 inches of rain in the gauge from the week I was gone. I guess most fell mid week when I storm passed over DM.

Also shocked to see the lawn looking so green. I guess I was use to the brown grass in KC.... it is still so very dry there. The corn in the fields were brown, as if it was late fall and harvest time, but afraid it was just all dead.

Well the political discussions have started to heat up, just as the weather is cooling down. Today Paul Ryan will be at the Iowa State Fair. Too bad my friend Teresa can't come up and show her support. She, a true conservative was very excited about Ryan as VP choice..... and I can understand why from her view point. She thinks a big change is needed..... I can agree that change is needed.... I guess we just disagree on the methods. I'm all for making some cuts in entitlements.... but GOP doesn't talk about entitlements for the wealthy corporations.... you know those "job creators"..... who where so great at creating jobs overseas?

Well, I know I'll just bore you all with political talk.... so I"m going to try hard NOT TO here!
Although I do have free speech.... Steve King can write much better than I.

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