Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Saturday a "fair" report

8-21-12 fun brain
Greg and I attended the Iowa State Fair on Saturday. It was such a great day weather-wise that we hung out for a good 5 hours and "splurged" a bit on food and activities.

We rode the sky glider this year.

I loved this wood carving. I didn't see it made, but wish I would have bought it for my garden.

I listened to the hymn sing.... the log cabin was full of singers, so some of us had to hang out side the windows. I thought this was an interesting photo.... well at least if I would have had a good camera. The guy reminded me our Greg's Amish relatives.

The most interesting thing to me was this couple we met and talked to in the Pioneer Building. They were from Jefferson Iowa and have a business there where furniture is made in the period of 1875, using old tools from this time period and old varnish techniques of walnut shells and raspberries.

The cool thing is that they have classes you can attend over a 3 day weekend and learn to make your own piece of furniture..... also couples classes. I want to try this in my retirement :)
They also have apprentices whom they train.... so if you know of any person who loves history and carpentry- check out the webpage.

Check it out HERE: 

We need a road trip to Jefferson sometime .... I'm putting this on my bucket list!

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