Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend- this and that

8-6-12 reporting brain

I traveled to KC on Saturday morning and it actually wasn't too hot down here- well not as hot as it has been. 90 seemed cool, but the nice thing is that it cooled down in the evenings so we could walk. We even had the air conditioner off on Sunday and Sunday night.

Saturday afternoon I went to an Indian Dance Recital with Molly , although "dance" does not fully describe what we saw. This was a 5,000 year old ancient Indian Temple Art and was a graduation of sorts for these teenage girls who have spent 8 years learning this. It was amazing!

This picture can give you a hint of the beauty.... but the dancing was very labor intensive. One dance went on for 20 minutes and was called "an endurance" dance.

Sunday I was looking for a nice relaxing day..... but for some reason after we went out for breakfast, the weather was mild, so we decided to drive out to the Nebraska Furniture Mart, at least 30 minutes away from us. We we looking for a new mattress.... a firmer one than our current 5 year old one we have in KC.

For some reason we also got inspired to finally buy Greg a chair for is living room here in KC. This is a recliner. Now at least three people can sit in the living room!

Other news to report:
I've been working with an artist I met on the Internet who also likes Peace. He is running a Facebook page called "The Peace Art Collective".... he found my Peace blog and wanted to work with me to have a FB art show. So here is the announcement he put together.

For those of you on Facebook.... go check this out! He has used my Peace CD's disks and add graphics and peace quotes.

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