Friday, August 17, 2012

This week's update

I woke up this morning grabbing the blanket and found the kitten snuggling with me to keep warm. The low was around 52!..... I found myself starting to crave pumpkin. It's hard now not to keep is it September especially when I saw this a few days ago.

Not weed free patio bricks! My "gardener" has been working out in back yard now this week. Since I didn't have to spend Thursday evening tending the yard work, I was free to join Ann at the Iowa State Fair... from about 5:00 to 10:30 pm.

We walked around a bit..... dinner was a "Beef Sunday" which is a scoop of mash potatoes in a bowl with beef and gravy on top with some cheese and a cherry tomato. That filled me up, but I had to have one dessert and I choose the Apple Pastry stick.

Our main purpose of going to the fair was watching a Beatles tribute band called "Strawberry Fields".... and to check out the painted Ice Cream Cones..... which Renee had been trying to get to to do one this year. We saw some cute ones.....

Here two of my favorite-creative ones. There were plenty of normal looking ones too.

Then we did stumble upon the "largest Chocolate Moose in captivity"
It wasn't solid chocolate, but made like the famous butter cow.

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