Wednesday, August 8, 2012

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8-8-12 state fair brain
Ann's pictures have gotten me excited for the state fair! See the ice-cream cone? People could buy one and paint.... Renee wanted me to make a "peace cone"... but I didn't have the time. Maybe next year? ~Judy

The Bench
Two weeks ago I got a package from the Iowa State Fair. While I love opening packages, I knew the package contained the name plate to Dad’s Bench. I wasn’t ready, don’t ask me why. Still not ready. 

Then last week I received a post-card that The Bench was constructed, 9 days before the Fair opens up. Okay, ready or not, I went out on Friday and wow, how beautiful. The Bench sits on the North side of the Outdoor Arena, facing the arena. It’s in the shade and in the rear, the MidAmerican wind turbine. What a fitting place for Dad’s Bench. Yep, I shed a few tears of happiness. 

I’ve talked to several people about how they want to be remembered. Have you ever thought about that? Dad would of said he was forgettable, just an average man getting by. Well, he’s not forgettable, and if he only knew how much he’s missed. Like I said, one day Dad I will tell everyone you are a Guinness World Record Holder, 2008 Corn Dog Chomp.

At work I always say “when I get run over by a bus, someone will take over, the work will get done, maybe not the same way, but it will get done”. Well I hope while the work is getting done, someone will smile every now and then and say “how did she do this, who’s mind am I going to read, and wow I get to use as many stick notes as I want to (my pet peeve).

Enjoy the Fair. Gotta Run,
Chat Later, That Girl
Ann Marie

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