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8-15-12 vacant brain
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Summer Olympics, Give Me More … More

For the last two weeks, I’ve been fixated with the events of the Summer Olympics. From waking up to the pre-Today Show, Today Show, NPR & BBC Radio to the evening NBC telecast, I watched more than my fair share. So what will I do to get my fix, ugh! Like politics and life, we all see something different, me…. my take.

Loved the opening ceremony, the chance for the host country to give the world a taste of their history. Team USA was victorious with 104 medals: 46 Gold, 29 Silver and 29 Bronze. I really enjoyed the swimming, diving, basketball, beach volleyball, gymnastics, sprint track cycling and most of all the track and field events. Don’t ask me why I love track and field, maybe it goes back to high school. Did not run track, but hung out with the track girls. And I do recall, Marine Dude John Sebern was a track star back in the day. Maybe he should of tried swimming too.

I kept up with most of the Olympic events via my Twitter feed. Where else can you get second to second updates from all over the world in 140 characters or less. Other than NBC Olympics, I followed BBC Olympics/News and several of their sportscasters as well as Shawn Johnson (gymnastics) and Ato Boldon  (NBC). I enjoyed their updates and got a return tweet (I send them a message and they respond). While some may have an intern manage their Tweets, some do it themselves. I got one back from Ato Boldon. Man, he is one knowledge person on the track field, not to mention a “Trini” (Trinidad Native).

Oh, I need to mention, Trinidad won 4 medals, 1 being Gold in Javelin. Yep, their first Gold medal in 36 years and their second in their history. Congratulations to Keshorn Walcott.  I hear they might have a National Holiday in his honor.

Last but not least, I loved loved seeing the pictures from a host of websites: USA Today, NPR, AP, BBC, NBC to mention a few. On Facebook, Panasonic hand a nice diary of pictures. I almost felt like I was there. Information overload for some, me …. information enlightening. As the Olympic flame was snuffed out, the planning is underway for Rio de Janeiro 2016, the first South American country to host the Olympics. Wow! What I would give to go to Rio. Maybe after the games to enjoy what was built for the city. I hear Rio is the “Paris of South America”. I’ll leave with this picture that I got from The Mail Online. Here you have Mo Farah (GB) 10k and 5k meter Gold medalist and Usain Bolt (Jamaica) 100 & 200 as well as 4x100 Gold medalist showing much respect for each other’s talents. Gotta Run!

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