Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another Judy

7-18-09 reminiscing vacation brain

Are you like me and enjoy meeting people with your same first name?

When we joined the church across the street in 1998, I met at least 4 different Judy’s. The church is large, so I suppose out of 1,400 people there might be a few Judy’s. However, I remember at one women’s retreat with only 35 women attending, 3 other Judy’s were present besides me. I got to be called “Judy Jr.” since I was the youngest among the group.

Over our 4th of July, five day stay, in my hometown, I got to hang out with another Judy. This Judy I will call “Judy C”, she is the younger sister of my friend Steve. We all grew up together in the same neighborhood, but “Judy C” was at least 4 years or so younger than I, so I don’t remember much about her growing up, except that she was Steve’s sister.

I am happy that over the last several summer visits, I’ve started to get acquainted with “July C”. I get such a kick out her since she is as goofy as me! I really do think it has something to do with our name. Most other Judy’s I’ve known are a bit weird. "Judy C" is tall, thin, funny and into healthy eating and natural living as much as possible. She did give in, only once, to the lure of homemade ice cream at our 4th of July dinner celebration. All the other times she turned it down, as the rest of us indulged.

Here is picture of some of the neighborhood kids. I'm not sure what they were up to at the time of this snapshot..... Judy is the youngest here, Steve is the clown boy. I'm not in the picture.

Life was sure wonderful and fun back in the late 50's and 60's in my small corner of the world. During our vacation back to my hometown this year, we were able to recapture some of that magic...... to be continued. More vacation escapades to follow next week.

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