Thursday, July 16, 2009

Two weeks on the road

7-16-09 reminiscing brain
How to pack a Mini Cooper for a two week driving vacation?

I wanted to take my medium sized suitcase, but Greg suggested that using smaller bags would be easier since we had three distinct designations on our trip. The Mini Cooper Rally in Winona “Mini-sota”; 4th of July in my hometown; and the Beachy Reunion in Pennsylvania.

Some how it all worked out, and Violet the plant also went along for the ride. She spend most of the time in the back cup holder, or on the dash with Greg's new purchased toy for the trip- a Garmin GPS system.

The GPS was fun to play with and Greg set the voice appropriately with a female British accent. Garmin summarized our trip at the end: We drove 2,893.9 miles; we spent $206.91 on gas; we had 46 hours of driving time; we averaged 30 MPG; and our maximum speed was 96 MPH. Neither Greg nor I remember ever going that fast…. Unless it was Greg driving while I was sleeping?? Not that I doubt him….. BUT, I know he has gone that fast before. Yet, it could have been me.... I do remember passing a few times fast.... but I didn't think THAT fast.


  1. What a great road trip. I'd love to do that sometime.

  2. AnonymousJuly 16, 2009

    You wanted to take your medium-sized suitcase, but I had left it in Leawood! I think our packing worked out fine. -GSB

  3. what a fun trip - I think I want a mini C!