Saturday, July 25, 2009

One more from the 4th of July

7-25-09 weekend brain

Off on another day adventure with Greg this morning. Doing a day trip down to southern Iowa to check out the new State Park Lodge on Lake Rathbun called Honey Creek. We will be traveling down with the British Car Club of Central Iowa, so there will be some old classic cars as well as Mini Coopers.

One of these days I just need to stay home! I guess that won't be until winter when I like to hibernate.

I may report more on this trip later since there are some very interesting characters in this group of people!

For now I want to share another 4th of July holiday picture, one that Karin just emailed me. It's not often we get a shot with Karin, Me and my sister Jan!
Thanks Karin!

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  1. Love the shirt Judy! I enjoy hearing of your summer travels and family get togethers. Nothing better than hometown freedom, running with neighbors and old friends. :)