Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New morning routine

7-15-09 strolling brain

I took a slow walk down the street and back this morning before work….not for exercise, but just to enjoy the outside world before I’d be cooped up in the 4 walls of my home office. It rained during the night and this morning it was actually chilly out- I grabbed a jacket. Glad that oppressive humidly from yesterday was removed and replaced by a refreshing breeze. My windows can now be open wide today.

My garden has changed from yellow lilies to red-orange, accented by the violet color of the hostas in bloom. On the west side of the house, these two do battle as they close in on the stepping stone walkway.

I would like a new routine of taking just a few minutes in the morning to gaze upon nature to help reconnect me to God’s lovely creation. Today, I would have loved to linger in the garden and weed, but other tasks demand my attention at this time.

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  1. Very good idea. I find that if I intentionally take extra time to do things like this, my attitude for the day is WAY more full of joy.