Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Art and Science mix

7-29-09 balanced brain

I’m up early this morning, almost ready to take off for Chicago. I’m stopping in Iowa City to pick up my co-worker who will be attending the “Train the Trainers” Workshop with me. We learn and then come back to pass on the training to our staff.

I slept well last night and feel much better today. Having acupuncture yesterday after work has helped rejuvenate me. I had an uneventful evening working some more on my church art project.

I like my concept for this project, but at this point I’m not too happy with my execution. But I have to remember that art is all about “experimenting”….. I guess that’s why I enjoy both science and art. Right brain and Left brain come together nicely at times!

Here is my art business card where I stress the "experimenting" part.

Here is my work Bio I had to submit for this Chicago training.

Ms. Sebern Beachy has been keenly interested in science, health, and the natural world since childhood. Although she was interested in medicine and wanted to be a doctor, she was encouraged to attend nursing school. Judy completed 75% of the nursing program in Rochester MN, connected with the Mayo Clinic, but then transferred to the University of Iowa (U of I), after realizing patient care was not her forte. Judy completed her B.S. in General Sciences in 1978 and went on to graduate school with focus on nutrition research and food science, achieving her M.S. in 1982 also at the U of I. During this time, Judy also was a teaching assistant and research assistant for the University. She then joined the State Health Registry of Iowa (Iowa SEER Cancer Registry) in 1983. Over the years Judy has gained a great deal of experience in data collection and cancer programs by working with small rural hospitals as well as the large urban Medical Centers. Judy has been involved with training at the Iowa Registry since 1989. Her current responsibilities include work on quality control studies, planning educational workshops for Iowa registrars, teaching, and assisting the Field Staff Director in managing staff. Judy earned her CTR in 1987 and has been very active in the Iowa Cancer Registrar’s Association, holding several offices and serving as President three times. In 2009, Judy became a co-instructor for the U of I, College of Public Health class which provides graduate students with a cancer registry practicum experience.

PS: I went to bed on a positive note- I think I have an idea on how to improve my church art project. I’ll be working more on that this weekend.

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