Friday, July 17, 2009

I am in love!

7-17-09 happy brain

I am in love…. STILL…. After 18.5 years of knowing Greg. Our first conversation was on Dec 7th 1990 (Pearl Harbor Day), we were engaged exactly a year later.

Greg has his serious business side. He’s intelligent and logical. I love and appreciate that side of him….. but Greg also has a creative, humorous, and silly side of him, that only a few people get to see.

When he and I are together, alone….. what can I say- we have fun together, even on a two week driving vacation. Here was a quick shopping stop in Ohio to buy water and shaving cream…. We got distracted.

Self photo's don't always work out well..... but this picture makes me happy. Elton John eat your heart out!


  1. PS: I hate my “horsey” smile… and try not to smile like that for pictures. But if you do see my gums, then you know I’m really laughing and happy!

  2. Adorable! I love it!

  3. Yes,I'm slowly seeing the silly side of Greg. Don't tell him that. See you tonight all.