Monday, July 27, 2009

For the LOVE of curves

7-27-09 Monday slow brain

Our Saturday, two hour drive down to the new Honey Creek State Lodge was enjoyable and pleasant. Our trip had perfect, wonderful warm (not hot) summer weather with nice sunny skies and cool breeze. There was 24 cars total with 6 Mini’s. This was a gentle, leisurely trip since we had many older cars in the group and our speeds were around 50 mph.

Greg has an issue with curved roads….(or is it my issue?)……. He can’t take a curve slow. He has been trying to teach me the proper way to “power through” a curve. Now, if my father had taught me to drive as a teenager instead of my mother, well then I would probably already know not to slow down or brake going around a curve. This of course is with a manual transmission. So our leisurely drive had Greg accelerating through the windy roads and as usual, I’m hanging on for dear life.

Greg has always been an aggressive driver ever since I met him when he was 26 years of age. Luckily he has mellowed a tiny bit, and no longer gets speeding tickets, however riding with him can still be a challenge for me at times. Over the years we’ve learned to communicate better over these driving trips together. In the past, you’d hear words such as these coming out of my mouth: ….. “We are going to die!”.... “Please slow down!”... “Watch out!” ....” Be careful!” .... “Oh S**T” … “OH NO!”..... “Lord help me!”

I hated being a nagging wife in the passenger seat, so finely we developed a code, so he knew when I was pleading for him to slow down. The code words are: “I’m frightened” …. And when I use this, he is good about listening to my feelings and he does slow down.

Happily on Saturday’s trip I didn’t have to use the code word at all. I actually enjoyed the ride, roller coaster-like a few times- as you can see in the picture, but a very fun time together, along with some of our Mini friends.

PS: Honey Creek is very NICE!

AND...I got to drive us home going the short, fast, and straight way.

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