Thursday, July 23, 2009

Character development part III: Karin

7-23-09 reminiscing vacation brain

Karin was our “little” neighbor girl, and either my sister or I would babysit her and her brother Brad. Karin would drive us nuts by her slow motion routine of drinking her chocolate milk prior to bedtime. I’ve never seen any kid use so many stalling tactics. Don’t get me wrong, Karin WAS and IS a sweet soul but she moves at her own pace….. usually much slower than mine.

Karin in many ways is just like her wonderful mother Bunny, pictured here along with my Mom. Bunny still lives across the street from my parents and she looks out for my parents, and in return my parents look out for her. We became like family over the years!

Karin now lives in Arizona and fairly recently, over the last few years, has talked her husband Michael into returning to Iowa over the 4th of July. Actually, Karin and Michael haven’t been married all that long (less than 7 years?). I can’t quite put my finger on the year, which is surprising since Greg and I took a wonderful trip out to Arizona on the train to take part in the wedding.

Sadly, at the day of the ceremony, I was held up in the hotel bathroom suffering from food poisoning. I missed the whole thing! I’ve never been that sick in my life. Greg was OK and was able to proceed with the reading of scripture during the wedding. I was so disappointed to miss the whole thing. Karin was such a beautiful bride in the pictures I saw later.

During our 4th of July hometown holiday, Karin and Michael participate in the tradition of “game night” with the rest of us “big kids” from the neighborhood. Michael is especially competitive. We all have been hooked on the board game “Sequence” for a number of years. The joke is that Karin gets lost in her thoughts and doesn’t realize it’s her turn. We sit there waiting and finally she says…. “is it my turn?” and we say….. “do you need to ask?” Game night contains much laughter and teasing. No one is spared a good ribbing.

This year, Vanni and Steve introduced us all to a new board game called “Blokus”. We enjoyed it very much and although our time together was shorter this year, we managed to squeeze in two evenings of game night this year. Greg and Michael seemed to excel in Blokus. I really enjoyed it too, but struggled learning the best strategy to use. I don’t think I ever won a game.
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Here is a picture of me with Karin and Michael this year. I love Michael's "evil-eye"... he uses this during game night to intimidate us all.

UPDATE: Greg figured out that Karin and Michael's wedding was November 2004. Greg is a great "fact-checker" and lover of "google"!

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