Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring Forward :(

3-6-12 spring brain

I decided to "spring forward" this week…. Just to get the agony over. I just hate moving the clock ahead so early in March- just went I am naturally waking up before the alarm. I couldn't believe it was 46 degrees this morning when I opened the door to get the paper.

Yesterday I discovered my first Tulip coming up. The daffodils are at least up 5 inches now. This isn’t the first time for early flowers. I had noted on my perpetual birthday calendar that back in 2000 I had flowers up this early also.

I’ve already sold two large Peace Art at the coffee shop, so last night I was busy framing more while I watch TV.  Also a gal at church wants to buy two small Peaces after she saw my Peace Art I donated to a silent auction the Senior High group had.

I think it is suppose to be another windy day today, but I hope to get out walking at lunch since the temperature will be in the 60’s. I’ve slacked off a bit on my walking since last week was colder and windy.

Yesterday I was SO HAPPY, I had a wonderful day at work. The software I use to access the medical charts, finally – after a year of being slow and misbehaving…. Actually functioned normal…. Making work a pleasure once again. This was BIG news for me and a few of my co-workers. I pray the problem has been solved, since this has put us behind schedule.

Tonight I’d going to a small gathering of neighbors to discuss politics  with a lady who is running locally for an Iowa House seat in the fall. I’ve visited with her once already when she can door to door…. And found out she had bought one of my Peace Art from the Iowa Acupuncture Clinic. Already right there- we have so much in common!

That’s my world today.

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