Monday, March 12, 2012

New life all around me

Weekend trip to KC was a bit more interesting this time. I had a travel companion...... a kitten, whom I was potentially taking down to live on Molly's farm. If you remember in January when Greg got his new car, I was thinking I wanted a new kitten to keep me company in Des Moines. Well- I did talk myself out it this.... that was...... until this weekend.

This kitten belonged to my neighbor's daughter who is living in a studio apartment with a friend.... but it wasn't working out all that well. Molly said she would take a new cat, but when this kitten turned out to be a real sweetheart, traveled very well in the car.... and she won over Greg and I within a day.... and currently the kitten is working on winning over our adult cat Clover.... we decided to keep the kitten for now and see if we can all be one happy family. The kitten would be a traveling cat with me- "split in two"... if she can handle it.

We named the kitten Cleopatra, or "Cleoh" for short...... it could be "Cleo"..... but Greg said a short name for Cleveland Ohio is C-L-E  O-H..... I decided the spelling would be Cleoh to honor Greg's Ohio roots. Cleoh follows Clover like a shadow..... which doesn't always make Clover a happy cat, but she has begun to warm up to the kitten a bit.

Spring is showing itself in KC big time this week. We had nice rain on Sunday and with temps in the 70's today.... things are blooming.

What I am enjoying the most this week- is listening to all the birds. My ears LOVE the sound of spring. The robins, cardinals and many more are singing morning, noon and evening.
Life is good with me this week!

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