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3-14-12 vacant brain
Ann is blessed to have many different  friends...... and we that know Ann are blessed. ~Judy

Dessert Showdown With The Rat Pack
Like peas n’ carrots, the peace sisters, I have another group of girlfriends called the “rat pack”. No certain reason behind the name but it’s kinda funny how we all met on the DrakeSmart 2009 Europe Trip, London to Nice. Three years going, we work hard at keeping our friendship alive.  Here’s a picture of the pack in Nice: Susan, Donna, Leah, and sisters Angela and Shelley.

Like I said, keeping the friendship alive is easier said than done. So last week, we planned a Saturday afternoon lunch at casa de Anhalt. The lunch came with a twist and something I’ve always wanted to do, a cooking showdown. Two of us will bake a dessert and I incorporated the dish into the lunch. To be healthy, Susan gave us a demonstration of “how to cut a pineapple, Laoaition style” Here’s a picture of the end product.

Susan cut out the eyes in a spiral motion then salted it and washed the salt off. This brings out the sweetness in the pineapple. Simply sweet, just like Susan.
Back to dessert showdown, Donna agreed to prepare a 15 minute dessert (does not include baking). All the ingredients were measured ahead of time. Donna made a turtle chocolate cake: pouring ½ of the cake mix in the pan, bake for 15 minutes, then top off with caramel, nuts and chocolate chip and pour the rest of the mix then bake for another 15 minutes. I chose to bake the old standby, apple pie. Here’s a picture of the finished desserts.

So who won? Well I got mines prepared under 15 minutes and Donna won for best tasting. My pie was a bit runny, however both desserts were yummy and free of calories. That went well with French onion soup, chicken salad sandwiches, pineapple/strawberries/grapes.
It was a fun afternoon, nice to eat and catch up with what’s going on in our lives. The Rat Pack, we are a busy bunch of ladies. As a parting gift, all got to pick a pair of mittens. They absolutely loved them.

And wouldn’t you know it, I  have a picture of the original Rat Pack, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop and Dean Martin.

Happy Spring and have a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day everyone.
Chat Later,
That Girl, Ann Marie

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