Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March Summary

3-27-12 exhausted brain

I am looking and feeling old and tired…. After working in the yard and around the house all weekend, I felt like I’d probably be wise just to “give it all up”….. I felt like I should just retire, sell the DM house, and take the easy road of living with Greg down in KC.

I know it was the “exhaustion” talking, as is the usual case come springtime….. and spring has come very early this year. Over the weekend I was doing many tasks which I probably don’t usually do until May 1st….

I did have a bit of anxiety trying to complete all the spring chores I wanted to get done, since I will only have this one weekend in MD in the middle of this 7 week stretch…. But then I thought- go ahead Judy and just take some vacation time to deal with everything as you need to…. OK maybe, But then work is pretty intense now too with my boss retiring next week. BUT I’ll make it somehow.

Here are the pictures from March 2012 with our 70 to 80 degree temperatures.

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